Born and raised in Dallas, Texas,  

I am an actor based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I currently live with my husband and pet rabbit.

History has always been a passion of mine. It keeps me up at night reading Wikipedia articles about Anne Boleyn or Grigori Rasputin. I love traveling to historical sites.

When I was 16 years old, I played Madame DeFarge in a high school theatre production of  A Tale of Two Cities. This play made me fall in love with the French Revolution and here I am years later still consumed by it.

Edinburgh Fringe has long been a dream for me and I can't believe it is actually happening! Together with my sister we are producing this passion project and catapulting our careers onto a worldwide stage.  

For more info: sisterjohnston.com




A native Texan, I live and work in Dallas with my husband and twin babies.

I received my BFA from Texas Christian University and my MFA from University of Dallas. 

I am a fine artist as well as a commercial and residential muralist with works ranging from large outdoor installations to commissions in private homes, corporate offices, restaurants and educational institutions.

My fine artwork explores the nature of celebrity through performance, installation, drawing and oil painting.

For several years, I ran an art gallery in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas.

I was a founding member of Art Conspiracy, an organization which continues to raise money for local art-based nonprofits. I have taught art at both the college and high school levels and continue to teach privately as well as consult. 

My favorite work is when I can collaborate with my sister best friend!

For more info: neoncourtneystudio.com

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