France 1789. Tension is high and whispers of revolution fill the halls of Versailles. We are at the Queen’s Theatre attending a performance given by Marie Antoinette and her aristocratic friends. It is the 14th of July and today the Bastille will be stormed. Chaos ensues as play and Ancien Régime fall apart.

Follow the antics of performers trying their best to perform a production of Monsieur Perrault’s The Little Glass Slipper as the French Revolution breaks out. Actors flee, assassination is attempted, and the age old saying “the show must go on” is pushed to the limit.


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Marie did have a theatre built on the grounds of Versailles. A great lover of the dramatic arts, Marie Antoinette commissioned her personal architect Richard Mique to build her the Petit Théâtre de la Reine. The theatre seats only 100 and was intended for performances by the Queen and her family and friends. The work was completed in spring 1780.

Marie performed plays with Duchesse de Polignac, Princesse de Lamballe, Comte and Comtesse d’Artois. In 1780, the Queen and her friends performed Pierre-Alexandre Monsigny's Le Roi et le Fermier (The King and the Farmer) in the little theatre. The original forest set and rustic cottage set have survived to this day! 

Marie would have known about Cinderella. With thousands of versions throughout the world, the earliest dating back to 7 BC, a retelling of Cinderella is included in Histoires ou Contes du temps passé (Fairy Tales from Past Times with Morals or Mother Goose Tales), the 1697 anthology of fairy tales by Charles Perrault. Charles Perrault served at Versailles as secretary to Jean-Baptiste Colbert, minister to Louis XIV of France (The Sun King). Perrault’s additions to the story include the pumpkin, the fairy-godmother and the introduction of "glass" slippers.

The days following the storming of the Bastille, many nobles fled Versailles. Émigrés were liable to death as traitors and their property was confiscated by the state. Duchesse de Polignac left for Switzerland. Comte and Comtesse d'Artois with a small group of courtiers left for the Italian states. Princesse de Lamballe did not leave...
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